Unit of competency: BSBOPS601 - Develop and implement a business plan



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Modification History



Release 1

This version first released with BSB Business Services Training Package Version 7.0.


This unit describes the skills and knowledge required to lead a business operation that covers the steps required to develop and implement business plans.

The unit applies to individuals who are running an organisation or who take a senior role in determining the effective functioning and success of the organisation. These individuals may oversee the work of a number of teams and other managers.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of publication.

Unit Sector

Business Competence – Business Operations

Elements and Performance Criteria



Elements describe the essential outcomes.

Performance criteria describe the performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the element.

1. Establish business plan

1.1 Identify organisational and legislative frameworks relevant to development of a business plan

1.2 Review market requirements for the organisation’s products and service

1.3 Identify and assess business requirements, objectives, competitors and established plans

1.4 Develop performance objectives and measures for business plan, in consultation with relevant stakeholders

1.5 Identify financial, human and physical resource requirements for the business

1.6 Develop business plan

2. Implement business plan

2.1 Communicate business plan to all relevant stakeholders

2.2 Confirm skilled labour is available to implement plan

2.3 Test performance measurement systems and refine, where required

2.4 Prepare reports on key aspects of the business

2.5 Report system failures, product and service failures and variances to the business plan as they occur

3. Respond to performance data

3.1 Analyse performance reports against planned objectives

3.2 Review performance indicators and refine, where required

3.3 Identify and coach under-performing staff

3.4 Establish ongoing review processes


Foundation Skills

This section describes language, literacy, numeracy and employment skills incorporated in the performance criteria that are required for competent performance.




  • Gathers, interprets and analyses textual information when developing the business plan and monitoring operational performance


  • Communicates relationships between ideas and information, matching style of writing to purpose and audience
  • Researches, plans and prepares business plan for relevant stakeholders

Oral communication

  • Presents information and seeks advice using language and features appropriate to audience
  • Participates in discussions using listening and questioning to elicit the views of others and to clarify or confirm understanding


  • Extracts and evaluates mathematical information to review the market, research competitors and review pricing structures

Enterprise and initiative

  • Takes full responsibility for identifying and complying with legislative requirements applicable to self and the organisation


  • Collaborates with others to achieve joint outcomes, playing an active role in facilitating effective group interaction, influencing direction and taking a leadership role
  • Provides support in field of expertise to colleagues, as required

Planning and organising

  • Sequences and schedules complex activities, monitors implementation and manages relevant communication
  • Systematically gathers and analyses all relevant information and evaluates options in order to monitor performance and identify opportunities for improvement


Unit Mapping Information

Supersedes and is equivalent to BSBMGT617 Develop and implement a business plan.

Supersedes but is not equivalent to:

  • BSBCUE604 Develop and maintain a service level strategy
  • BSBCUE606 Forecast and plan using customer engagement traffic information analysis
  • BSBMGT618 Develop an engagement centre business plan.

Assessment requirements

Modification History



Release 1

This version first released with BSB Business Services Training Package Version 7.0.


Performance Evidence

The candidate must demonstrate the ability to complete the tasks outlined in the elements, performance criteria and foundation skills of this unit, including evidence of the ability to:

  • develop and implement at least one business plan.

In the course of the above, the candidate must:

  • analyse and research business vision, mission, values, objectives, goals, competitors, financial targets, management arrangements and marketing approaches
  • write a business plan, including:
  1. description of the business
  2. products and services
  3. financial, physical and human resource requirements
  4. regulatory requirements
  5. marketing strategy
  6. financial indicators
  7. productivity and performance targets for key result areas
  • monitor and respond to business performance including evaluation of performance against key results indicators
  • consult, communicate with and report to relevant stakeholders
  • provide analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of a business plan.

Knowledge Evidence

The candidate must be able to demonstrate knowledge to complete the tasks outlined in the elements, performance criteria and foundation skills of this unit, including knowledge of:

  • organisational and legislative frameworks required for the development of business plans, including:
  1. pre-existing strategic, business and operational plans
  2. business vision, mission, values and objectives
  3. permits or licences that may be required for new activity
  • processes for developing and monitoring business plans
  • customer needs and budgeting information
  • performance objectives and measures, including key results indicators
  • stakeholders involved in the development of business plans.

Assessment Conditions

Skills in this unit must be demonstrated in a workplace or simulated environment where the conditions are typical of those in a working environment in this industry.

This includes access to:

  • business information and data relevant to performance evidence.

Assessors of this unit must satisfy the requirements for assessors in applicable vocational education and training legislation, frameworks and/or standards.


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