Unit of competency: UEENEEE083A - Establish and follow a competency development plan in an electrotechnology engineering discipline


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Unit Descriptor

Unit Descriptor 

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1 .1 ) Descriptor 


This unit covers establishing and following a plan for one's own competency development. It encompasses establishing a plan in consultation with the enrolling registered training organisation (RTO), following industry/enterprise procedures regarding how work is conducted, understanding responsibilities and obligations under competency development plan, following activities for developing competency, pursuing opportunities to develop competencies, to self-monitoring competency development and meeting obligations for periodic reporting of competency development activities.

Application of the Unit

Application of the Unit 

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This unit applies to a recognised development program that leads to the acquisition of a formal award at AQF level 6


Licensing/Regulatory Information

1 .2 ) License to practice 

The skills and knowledge described in this unit require a licence to practise in the workplace subject to regulations for undertaking of electrical work. Practice in workplace and during training is also subject to regulations directly related to occupational health and safety and where applicable a contracts of training.


Prerequisite Unit (s )

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2 .1 ) Competencies 


There are no prerequisite competencies for this unit.

Employability Skills Information

Employability Skills 

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This unit contains Employability Skills

The required outcomes described in this unit of competency contain applicable facets of Employability Skills. The Employability Skills Summary of the qualification in which this unit of competency is packaged will assist in identifying Employability Skill requirements.

Elements and Performance Criteria Pre-Content

6 ) Elements describe the essential outcomes of a unit of competency

Performance criteria describe the required performance needed to demonstrate achievement of the Element. Assessment of performance is to be consistent with the evidence guide.

Elements and Performance Criteria




Establish a competency development plan


A competency development plan incorporating course work, assessment scheme and workplace activities is established in consultation with the enrolling RTO.



Obligations and expectations of the competency development plan are obtained and understood.


Comply with engineering industry/enterprise workplace policies and procedures


Industry/enterprise workplace policies and procedures for all work activities are obtained and understood.



Work instructions are followed, any clarification involved being sought from the immediate supervisor/appropriate person.



Unexpected situations are dealt with safely and in accordance with industry/enterprise policies and procedures, and with the approval of an authorised person.


Monitor and respond to a personal competency development plan.


All aspects of the competency development plan are confirmed in consultation with appropriate persons.



All components of the competency development plan are followed diligently.



Opportunities to practise skills and apply knowledge relative to a particular competency are pursued.



Assistance is sought from appropriate persons to overcome difficulties in developing skills and applying knowledge relevant to a particular competency.



Progress in competency development is self-monitored against the competency development plan and industry/enterprise policies and procedures.



Modifications to the personal competency development plan are made in consultation with appropriate persons.



Obligations are met for the regular and accurate reporting of competency development activities as per industry/enterprise policies and procedures.



Periodic competency development activities report is validated by an appropriate person in accordance with industry/enterprise policies and procedures.


Required Skills and Knowledge


7)  This describes the essential skills and knowledge and their level, required for this unit.

Evidence must show that knowledge has been acquired of safe working practices and participating in development and following a personal competency development plan.

All knowledge and skills detailed in this unit should be contextualised to current industry practices and technologies.

KS01-EE083A Engineering competency development 

Evidence shall show an understanding of engineering competency development to an extent indicated by the following aspects:

T1 Components of a competency development plan encompassing:

§  Competencies to be achieved

§  Course work and timetable

§  Assessment scheme

§  Aspects of competency to be developed in the workplace

§  Methods of monitoring and recording relevant workplace activities.

T2 Obligations and expectations under a competency development plan

T3 Scope for industry/enterprise policies and procedures

§  Policies and procedure related to safety, effective work outcomes, customer relations, conflict resolution and competency development.

§  Monitoring and reporting work activities.

Software/Hardware Used