Student assessment


Assessment Type

(e.g. Assessment -2000 word essay (specify topic)

Examination ( specify length and format))

When assessed Weighting (% of total unit marks) Learning Outcomes Assessed

Assessment 1

Type: Multi-choice test / Group work / Short answer questions / Role Play / Self-Assessment / Presentation
Topic examples: substation Automation basics, structure and architecture
After Topic 3 20% 1, 2,3

Assessment 2

Type:Report / Research / Paper / Case Study/ Site Visit/ Problem analysis/ Project / Professional recommendation

Example:Report (Midterm Project)
[This will include a progress report; literature review,hypothesis, and methodology
/ conclusions]
Word length: 1000
Topic examples: Roles of substation automation
After Topic 7 25% 1,2,3,4,5

Assessment 3

Type: Report (Final Project)
[If a continuation of the midterm, this should complete the report by adding sections on: methodology,implementation /evaluation, verification/ validation,conclusion/ challenges and recommendations/ future work. If this is a new report, all headings from the midterm and the final reports must be included.]
Word length: 2000
Topic examples : Continuation of midterm with WAP and modern substation automation ( EC61850)
After Topic 11 35% 1-7

Practical Participation

Example: May be in the form of quizzes, class tests,
practical assessments , remote labs, simulation software or case studies
Example:Software packages on IE6C1850
After Topic 12 15% 7

Attendance / Tutorial Participation

Example: Presentation, discussion, group work, exercises, self-assessment/reflection, case study analysis, application.

Continuous 5% 1 - 7