Student assessment

Assessment Type

(e.g. Assignment - 2000 word essay (specify topic)

Examination (specify length and format))

When assessed

(eg Week 5)

Weighting (% of total unit marks) Learning Outcomes Assessed

Assessment 1

Type: Report

Word length: 1500

Topic: Specify the role of the Chartered/ Professional Engineer with respect to the Management of Assets throughout the Whole Asset Life-Cycle. Recommend how the Chartered/Professional Engineer should undertake critical thinking and problem solving.

Week 4 20% 2

Assessment 2

Type: Group discussion

Word length: 1500

Topic: “What are the requirements of an effective Asset Management Process for a group of railway assets and what is the anticipated impact of applying PASS 55/ISO 55000 methodology in the circumstances of a brownfields railway”? Prepare a comprehensive group engineering report, including self-reflection on individual project contributions.

Week 7 25% 1, 2, 3

Assessment 3

Type: Report

Word length: 2000

Topic: Within the scope of a nominated case study, analyse the role of the Chartered/ Professional Engineer to ensure successful deployment and operation of assets for the duration of the asset life. Define “successful” and asset “life” and identify where ethical, sustainable and socially responsible behaviour may be challenged. The report will require careful referencing and be suitable in its format, quality of analysis, and conclusions for decision-making by senior engineers.

Week 12 50% 1 – 5


Continuous 5% 1 - 5